GRIDE: Zaskuby Chaosu: LP

It’s great how this band has morphed and grown over the years. Not content to stand still in one sound, they’ve mixed it up here and there, from straight-up, no-frills grind to some insanely highly complex, fast as fuck stuff that is near-mind boggling to take in all in one listen. The drumming on here is nuts! It’s so fast and precise, I found myself laughing in disbelief. Like, “Holy shit! Is this played by a human?!” I’m in total awe. This sounds like a band who has spent hours and hours honing their sound and coming up with nothing but quality. There’s no filler on here. Tempos switch with ease, guitars have that nice crunching sound, and the bass is on some jazz trip in the slow parts. “Na Louce V Horach Pos Lesem (On A Meadow Near the Forest in the Mountains)” has some crazy breakdowns and finds the time to throw in a metal guitar solo on top of all that. They slow it down some for “Cestou K Jame (On the Way to Hole),” with a repetitive riff that’s near bludgeoning in its relentless pursuit, before finally washing out into a mix of ambient noise and guitar notes. Easily their best record yet.

 –M.Avrg (Insane Society,