GREEN HORNET: Backlash: 7"

Jul 06, 2007

Not to be confused with the Green Hornets, whom i believe were from England, the One True Hornet Of Greenitude first proffer a pounding slab of something-or-another called “High Heel Appeal,” which is not to be confused with “High Heel, Big Deal” (by the Spikes, was it?) which sounds like the kind of song that one hears when one walks into a show while one of the opening bands is playing their last song, and causes said observer to think that the band is not half bad, and perhaps they had erred in not catching more of the set, and this is followed by “Beat ‘em Up,” a keyboard-driven instrumental (with a brief Davie Allan & the Arrows fetish) that sounds like something the Waistcoats would have recorded at 45, but slowed down to 33 (or perhaps generic discotheque music from a 1967 B-movie or TV show), and is not to be confused with Muss ‘em Up Donovan, a pro-police brutality comic book cop from the late ‘30s. Side two starts with “Cheap Move,” another instrumental which is not, at any cost, to be confused with Cheap Trick, who covered the song “California Man” by The Move, and ends with “Teen-Age Trash,” which is not to be confused with “Teenage Treats” by the Wasps and has vocals. Not completely satisfying in and of itself, but potential-laden enough to pique one’s interest in future releases, or am i just confused? BEST SONG: “High Heel Appeal” BEST SONG TITLE: “Cheap Move,” because i like both those bands. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I am not so sure i am cool with there being no green on the record cover.

 –norb (Kuriosa)

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