GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD FANZINE #5: $5ppd., audio cassette, 92 mins.

Jun 13, 2014

The basics: Interviews and live recordings (and possibly demos?) of four bands that played Chaos in Tejas in 2012. Bands include Wiccans, Creamers, Cülo, and Pierced Arrows, though I think Tear It Up’s live set might also be included—I can’t make out a fucking thing on this tape insert. The recordings are all of good quality except for the Pierced Arrows set, which is pretty clearly a room recording with a lot of audience noise. The first three bands almost uniformly match the interviewer’s inane questions (“Do you prefer Bud Light Lime or Bud Light Limerita?” and “Do you guys have a favorite Sublime song?”) with oodles of sarcasm, mumbling and, to me, what amounted to a nearly crushing self-consciousness and cynicism. The Pierced Arrows interview was, in contrast, both interesting and earnest: listening to Fred and Toody Cole gently tease each other, document their songwriting and record-making processes, their favorite book (Atlas Shrugged!), or talk about the beavers that live on their property, was great. So, a mixed bag here: I can’t imagine people wanting to listen to recordings of band interviews very often, but the music included is almost across-the-board great. –Keith Rosson (Deed Runlea, 538 Johnson Ave. #203, Brooklyn, NY 11237)