GREAT THUNDER: Groovy Kinda Love: 2 x LP

Jul 28, 2014

I guess when you ask for weird shit, you get shit like this (with a kaleidoscope image on the cover) in your review pile. Unfortunately, it’s not the kinda weird shit that I seek. Great Thunder is Kate from P.S. Eliot / Waxahatchee and her partner, who, apparently, just record whatever they fucking feel like and throw it together under the GT moniker. You get thirty songs, ranging from slightly experimental rock to shit that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a Starbucks or your mom’s cubicle, replete with songs that run the indie gamut. Although nothing is atrocious on here, nothing is close to stellar, either. Not as disjointed nor annoying as Ween, but still too much of a mixed bag without anything interesting enough to justify wading through an LP, let alone four sides.

 –Vincent (Salinas)