GREAT REDNECK HOPE, THE: Behold the Fuck Thunder: CD

Jul 06, 2007

While it’s more of the same as ‘Splosion!, more of the same from this band is simply fucking awesome. Sure, most of these songs are ridiculously short, but extending them would serve no purpose—much as early hardcore songs were extremely direct and frequently clocked in at the one-minute mark, TGRH simply gets the musical idea across and moves to the next song because there isn’t any practical reason to belabor the point. Again, TGRH’s wicked sense of humor is one of the focal points—song titles like “Let’s Fall in Love over AIM so We Can Fuck When We Meet at Cornerstone” do an outstanding job of revealing a skewed worldview while also neatly mocking pretty much everyone (with what seems to be more of a focus on religion this time out). Blistering technical riffs, throat-scorching screams—my girlfriend calls this sort of thing cat-fuck rock for a reason.

 –scott (Thinker Thought)