GRAVY TRAIN!!!!: Hello Doctor: CD

Jul 09, 2009

"You're missing out on hot-ass humps cuz I spread legs like anthrax, and Kenny G-type blowjobs cuz I play a mean skin sax." Now if this, dear reader, is your idea of a "hugetime," than Oakland, California's Gravy Train!!!! (with four exclamation points, please) is your ultimate raunch-attack party band. They are four ex-Catholics (ah!, that explains it) living out your nastiest sexual fantasies via a couple of thrift store Casio synths, a sixty dollar drum machine, and a whole lotta sing-along, naughty-words raps, that'll leave you hot, bothered and wet for more. There's a B-52's call and response element here, but Hunx (the dude) is far more flaming than Fred Schneider could ever hope to be, and the fly girls – Drunx, Funx and Chunx, well… they ain't no beehive-wearing, sweet-voiced betties. And that's fine by them. Gravy Train!!!! seem to revel in their perviness as witnessed by the two-minute blasts pumpin' and grindin' out your woofers and tweeters. "Don't blame me for being sick for dick, sometimes it's titties that I wanna lick," pouts Hunx on "Double Decker Supreme," a threesome song "'bout blowin' loads in a butt while loads are blown in mine." Mom must be proud. Without reprinting all of the lyrics here I doubt I could do their brilliance justice, so to achieve maximum listening pleasure, I suggest reading along while giving this a spin. And if you're tuning in for purely educational purposes, lift the tray card for a "How to Pussy Thrusts" lesson. (Complete with diagrams.)

 –kat (Kill Rock Stars)