Jul 06, 2010

First new record in quite some time for the ex-Hüsker Dü songwriter/drummer. It’s consistently a stripped-down affair, so don’t expect a blistering onslaught like his former trio. “You’re the Reflection of the Moon on the Water” features mysterious lyrics that help the song flow with precision. Grant is a storyteller, so that’s why out of nine songs there are three with names in the titles on this record. “School Buses Are for Children” features a wistful chorus: “school buses are for children/they need someone who wants them.” This song will end up really grabbing you by the end. “My Regrets” throttles the motor a bit, but by the time it is over, so is this record. There’s no “2541” here, but it’s still a captivating record that creates a somber mood which you’ll find hard to shake.

 –koepenick (MVD Audio)