Wigs, strippy leggings, moon boots? Man, these dudes make positively hideous-looking ladies. Once I forget the wild attire sported by the band and get the CD going, I hear bass-heavy rock’n’roll with some bluesy riffage and/or noodling. An obvious nod to Motörhead called “Corner of Fuck and You.” There’s a Slaughter And The Dogs cover and a Beastie Boys cover. Then for no reason there is a remix of the Motörhead-sounding number by Ben Addison. He’s some acid jazz musician who makes the sound—like that bit with the cheesy instrumental song with the equally cheesy graphics at the beginning of a movie that tells you to shut your cell phone off—not unenjoyable though. And, finally, one more remix by some dude named Matt Flores, who probably loves the Flaming Lips. He remixes a tune by the name “GlitterShitter,” that he turns into some weird ambient-trans-house-electro thing. All in all, I was left scratching my head, but it’s clear, Ballsier is a solid homage to sex, drugs, and a dude’s junk. If you have a tiny mulleted rocker dude inside of you who would trade his left nut to high five his own dick just once… The Grannies are for you, and him.

 –Jackie Rusted (Saustex,