GRANDPRIXX, THE: Prixxology 1998-2001: CD

Jul 03, 2009

This album finely anthologizes The Grandprixx’s existence with forty-two songs, none of which reach the three-minute mark. The Grandprixx found their niche and hit the street running with all of these tracks, except one cover, written by them between the years of 1998 to 2001. I can’t deny their most apparent influence, The Queers, but I’d say the Grandprixx are less ‘50s/‘60s rock pop throw back and more rough around the edges. The music is fast and nihilistic with tunes like “Beers & 15 Year Olds.” This is a fast, fun album done with the right mix of stupidity, music production, and snotty sing-along choruses. The song contents rarely veer past pubescent troubles. What you see is what you get with The Grandprixx, but, at least with this anthology, you get your money’s worth with more than an hour of music.

 –N.L. Dewart (Cheapskate)

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