GRAND COLLAPSE: Far from the Callous Crowd: LP/CD

Sometimes it doesn’t take long for a record to make an impact. That was certainly the case for me here. “False Dawn” kick starts Far From the Callous Crowdinto life with a thunderous rumble as Grand Collapse’s debut album attempts to blow cobwebs away and clean out sinuses, relying heavily on a metallic six string thrust to back a weighty political punch. The galloping power of this band comes primarily through the guitar and drums, which work perfectly in tandem to keep the riveting pace up for almost the entirety of the record. Cal Sewell’s hoarse vocals are spot on in terms of matching the intensity of the music and provide a gritty outlet for lyrics formed from rage and a need to not give in. The final plus point is that the eleven tracks flow well without blending into each other as some hardcore records do, thus helping make this one of my favorite records of the year. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (1859 / Pumpkin / Static Shock)