GRAINS, THE: Demo 2010: CD-R

Mar 03, 2011

Dense with confusion, I am. The Grains sound like a band that’s either channeling the ‘60s Brit Invasion or a ‘70s American rock (ala the Strokes or something equally bad) and then the intro to “Beercans and Chicken Bones” reminds me of the Measure (SA)’s song, “Sleep.” So I just don’t fuckin know, man, you got me. I mean, there’s even a bit of a Stiv Bators-esque snarl in the vocal department every once in a while. Mid-tempo rock songs, heavy on the organ, and a mostly faithful cover of “White Man in Hammersmith Palais.” Authentic in the sense that I have no idea where this band is from geographically or scene-wise and they sound consistent to themselves throughout, and confusing because this demo could have come out last month or twenty years ago. In that regard, it’s pretty interesting.

 –keith (NO ADDRESS)

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