Serious gaps in their record collections/musical knowledge. Everybody’s got ‘em. Shit, I have a friend who couldn’t even name all the Beatles until this year. In light of that, it doesn’t look so bad that I was only marginally familiar with Grabass up to this point. Sure, I’d seen ‘em live once or twice, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a burned copy of Ask Mark Twain lying around somewhere, but I hadn’t really let them sink in. (I know, I know, chill out—reference my opening sentence, goddammit.) They’ve always been on my list of bands to get to (And yes, that’s an actual physical list) but I’ve just never gotten around to it. It appears I’ve been missing out too, ‘cause this is good stuff. “Like Craig Finn’s singing, but not stupid.” (According to my roommate) (So, not like Craig Finn at all, I would argue…) I dig the subtle nod to “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” in the melody to “Fall Guy.” Apparently, this sounds different from the older tunes, and, yeah, upon further investigation, the older shit’s gruffer. The newer shit seems to be better-composed, with more thought-out melodies and parts. This isn’t the sort of record that catches you all at once, or has a stand-out “single.” But let me tell you, multiple listens are rewarded-s’good shit. One gap down.

 –Ryan Horky (No Idea,