This CD has a definite theme to it. The character of Dale is in about half of the songs, and his lady Cassandra is in a couple as well. The album is dedicated to the life and memory of Lynnae Hottinger, a friend of the band. The music is easy on the ears, with all of the instruments holding their own. Will’s voice is that of a storyteller’s, and he spins some good yarns, with lyrics about real life shit. My favorite song is “Dale Is a Raindog, Too.” It is about the Tampa Bay Rays winning the American League Wild Card in the last game of the regular season in 2011. The Cardinals did the same thing that year, in the National League. I can relate. This disc features guest vocals from the likes of Chris Wollard, Isaac Thotz, and Neil Hennessy, to name a few. This is a very good CD.

 –Nighthawk (No Idea)