Jun 29, 2007

I own more Grabass shirts than I probably should. I’ve worn one to class and didn’t realize it until one of my students started calling me Grabass, which continued through the semester. I love watching them live; it’s sweat and smiles and backbends—they have the most flexible bassist I’ve ever seen—and every song is an anthem to raise your drink high and throw your arms around a friend, singing at the top of your lungs. Recorded is another dimension entirely. The energy is slightly more subdued, but the music is more complicated in that “Are there three guitar tracks on this song? Wait, was that a horn right there?” kind of way. Their regionalism (Gainesville) is apparent, but they make sure that their own mark is more prevalent than any of their influences. Impressive release by a band I didn’t think could impress me more.

 –megan (No Idea)