Grab and Go! : By Rustin H. Wright, 36 pgs. By CT Terry

Dec 22, 2009

Subtitled, “What to bring when things go really wrong.” This zine/pamphlet/handbook is an extended, annotated list of things to have ready to go in case you have to leave home in an emergency. It starts with a simple “Bug out Bag,” and expands to boxes and milk crates full of things to have on hand. As I read on, I pictured how much space it would take to keep all of these things ready and how they’d make your house look like a South Carolina flea market if you dumped them all out on your floor. Socks, peanut butter, first aid book, two nail clippers, chopsticks, baking soda, funnel, the largest steel bowl you have room for… Despite the cumbersome nature of the lists, the reasoning and advice offered throughout is practical and level-headed. Everything is justified. It’s just hard to imagine running from a tidal wave with a backpack and half a dozen milk crates. –CT Terry (Streetcar Press)