Nov 22, 2009

Let me start this review off by saying there isn’t a Government Warning release that I don’t champion. I’m a fan. Now an anecdote: a couple years ago a friend told me he had never heard Government Warning. I was shocked, but prepared. Discography time. First stop: No Way Out EP. Thirty minutes, two 7”s and a 12” later, they had a new fan; it was quite the bonding experience. I knew he would love it because they’re just that good. Undeniably good, and unbelievably powerful. Like a steamroller on steroids. Like an exploding pit bull coming through your living room window at three in the morning. They’re fast with their punches and they hit fucking hard! If you’ve ever considered yourself a fan of old school hardcore (especially SoCal and Midwest), it is extremely important that you track these records down. And if one of your friends doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you start rambling on about how good the new Government Warning LP is; sit ‘em down. Let the music speak for itself.

 –Daryl Gussin (Grave Mistake/No Way Out)

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