Nov 22, 2009

There’s nothing wrong with formulas. Science, when expanding armed with before-discovered numbers, often goes beyond empiricism into artistry. So, when I say that Government Warning is perfecting upon an equation that many thought ultimately and definitively solved in the early ‘80s, it’s the opposite of a dig. The raw ore they’re purifying is as potent as it’s ever been: fresh-from-the-musical womb hardcore swagger played as an unboring blur, mixed with paranoid anxiety, and steeled with conviction. “Solos” are imbedded inside of the songs instead of tacked on the end like donkey tails. The thirty-seven-year-old me likes this as much as the fourteen-year-old me would have. The proof’s in the pudding and the pudding’s fuckin’ tasty.

 –todd (Grave Mistake/No Way Out)