Dec 13, 2007

I just finished watching a fun bicycle movie, Breaking Away, from 1979. It was sorta unnerving that a film shot on location in Bloomington, IN close to thirty years ago had a lot of the same fashions that are being picked up in hipster circles in the U.S. now. (Dude, I don’t want to know your religion from across the room. Loosen those shorts a bit.) The Necros released their first self-titled 7” a couple years after 1979, and it’s a bleak, broken, jagged, and fast testament to the crumbling of America’s foundations. It sounds like music made by the people at the bottom who constantly get crushed. That made me think this: hipster irony (in fashion and music) is dispossessed, disposable (they’ll be onto something “new” soon), and future-less and past-less, where as these pure strains of hardcore that keep recurring—the type that Government Warning is in the skin of—doesn’t make me feel like I’m hopping into the throwback machine because they’ve inherited the initial spirit, reclaimed the ghost, and are bearing the weight now. Shit’s fucked up-eder more than ever, and here’s the soundtrack.

 –todd (Grave Mistake)