GOVERNMENT ISSUE: The Fun Just Never Ends: LP

Nov 02, 2010

I’d say by the time this LP came out (1985), GI was pretty much on a new path in their sound. Still hardcore, but more melodic and textured in their style. Yeah, Legless Bull is a great record, but it would lose its impact and get predictable had they kept playing the same style over and over for the duration of their existence. The songs on here are catchy, tuneful, and still focused. “Bored to Death” is a mid-paced song that’s a little poppy, but still has an edge. “Written Word” is one of those songs that has stuck in my memory for the past twenty-five years, and one I find I still sing to myself on occasion. There’s no denying “World Caved In,” which is catchy and smooth. Every time I hear this song it’s like a Freedom Rock moment—“Turn it up mannn!!” The outtakes and alternate versions should have been added to the very end of the record instead of ending each side. They disrupt the original flow. Outside of that, if you don’t have this, then now’s the time.

 –M.Avrg (Dr. Strange,