GOVERNMENT ISSUE: G.I.’s First Demo: 7” EP

Feb 21, 2008

Another archival slice of precious vinyl, once in the sole realm of collectors, gets the official release treatment with the blessing of the band. Happy day. It’s a full-on 1980 harDCore sprint from a long-running band that’s been through a decathlon of styles. G.I. (the matrix etch claims it stands for “Genital Inspectors”) were kindred spirits to the Teen Idles, SOA, and the east coast Youth Brigade. It’s both nostalgic and fun stuff. Although fast, you can already here the fungus of melody creeping in that would later infect the band’s central nervous system and steer them into distant musical seas. After all this time, it’s funny and charming that the lead singer, John Stabb, can’t figure out the chorus to his song, “War Zone Casualty,” because it’s so fast and so slurred. John also mentions this in liner notes, but it’s worth repeating – G.I. has a lot in common from the often-overlooked first ever American hardcore band, Middle Class. This demo EP could have easily been the companion piece to Out of Vogue, and that’s a high compliment. Cool stuff.

 –todd (Spontaneous Combustion;