GOTHIEFS, THE: Hongkong Rocks / Limited Applied: 7”

Mar 31, 2009

I’ve always had nothin’ but respect for bands that completely thumb their noses at the established theology of audio recording ((which should not be confused with bands who fail to observe those same conventions owing to sheer ineptness))—after all, what has obeying standard audio conventions ever gotten us other than a lifetime of fear, pain, and shame? In any event, few combos thumb more proboscis at established audio convention than the Gothiefs ((although I am a bit concerned over whether it is GO or GOTH which they thieve)); one assumes that the lights in the control room of whatever hapless studio in which they deigned to record were nothing but a mass of solid red squares, and every femtosecond of silence ((i.e., time when there’s no pounding going on)) is conveniently filled with feedback squeals. Kinda reminds me of the sonic qualities of a few of those older Guitar Wolf records, but more punk-ish and less UFO Rock-ish. I believe my attention has been duly gotten. Good day to you. BEST SONG: “Hongkong Rocks” BEST SONG TITLE “Hongkong Rocks” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Gothiefs” is an anagram for “Hoe Gifts,” “Heist Fog,” “Fie Ghost” and “Fetish Go,” among others.

 –norb (High School Refuse)