GOT MYSELF #5: $3 U.S./$4 world ppd., write for trades, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 24 pgs.

I can’t say that I read many hardcore fanzines, let alone listen to much hardcore, so I can’t say whether this is your run of the mill hardcore zine or not. The layout is a nice cut and paste job with a rad art piece on the cover, “My brain is a mess…,” of some brains, hands, and fetuses with some messed-up shit for heads. The zine opens with its authors giving a diatribe against the music scene in his city of Richmond, VA. Good to see that he is doing something to contribute and not just talking shit to his friends in his living room. It’s easy to tell from reading through this that this guy is doing it for the love of it. The zine continues with interviews with Wasted Time, Double Negative, and Night Birds. I thought that the interviews were pretty interesting, though I’ve only heard Wasted Time. There are some good record and zine reviews in here of other things I’ve never even heard of, too. The highlight of the zine for me is the write up on the Non-Commercial Records discography, as it talks about H100s and the scene surrounding the label. Can’t say that I would have read this if I didn’t have to review, but it was far from painful to read because of the author’s genuine interest. Hardcore buffs will probably dig this zine. –Vincent (Sam Richardson, PO Box 25045, Richmond, VA23260)