GOSPEL TRUTH: A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things: LP

Sep 18, 2013

It’d be easy as pie to shorthand this as noise rock. Given the echoes of Butthole Surfers and other groups not exactly known for being averse to skronking things up a bit, I’d say it’d be the natural go-to for most looking for a two-words-or-less descriptive. Things become a bit more problematic; however, the more one listens. While they are definitely adept at ratcheting up the racket, they are also just as versed in the dynamics of when to ramp things up, and have the sense to bury in their sound shades of the Gun Club’s swampy blues, swinging rhythms, and even a cello. The resulting songs retain a singularity and sophistication that is too often lost in the underground’s “play to a pigeonhole/template” overarching mentality. Don’t let the cheesy quasi-metal cover dissuade ye, this is definitely worth a spin.

 –jimmy (12XU)