GORT: Unravel: 7"

Jan 07, 2008

I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a grunge revival. It’s been about twenty years since the onset of the flannel nation and not all of those Soundgarden and Skin Yard discs have been dumped in landfills; they made an impression, but contemporary bands seem reluctant to nick ideas from their dusty Amphetamine Reptile and C/Z records. On a qualitative level, I get it, we burned out on those sounds long ago, no need to revisit them. But on a quantitative level, those bands were so popular that I’m surprised there aren’t hoards of up and comers who disagree with me. Gort are an exception, an unapologetic grunge band from their monosyllabic name to their material, songs that are heavy and slow, including a sludgy cover of Devo’s “Smart Patrol” and “Mr. DNA,” and begging for a Jack Endino production credit along with a couple of those streaky black and white Charles Peterson photos for the cover art. It’s well-rendered, but I’m not going booking this 7” for a return engagement on my turntable.

 –Mike Faloon (Flotation, Flotation, www.flotationrecords.com)

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