GORT: The Arrival: CDEP

Feb 27, 2007

From one-fourth of El Monte’s mid-‘90s noise mongers Cascius Clay—specifically their guitarist Frank—comes another blast of aural agony sure to curdle your milk and cause your lawn to die. As with his previous musical endeavors with the Naggs, Spread Ego, and the aforementioned Cascius Clay, sludgy rhythms and liberal doses of noise-for-noise’s-sake are slathered on a heaping pile of post-Melvins/Eyehategod heaviness, with maybe a nod in the direction of early Sonic Youth for good measure. While I admit to being an admirer of his previous endeavors, I also freely admit that I think this collaborative effort with drummer Brad Baker is his best, most consistent effort to date. That’s a mighty nice Circle One shirt yer wearing in the pic, too, Frank. Tell Mike I’m jealous.

 –jimmy ([email protected])