Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Two: Featuring Sean Carswell, Antonia Crane, and Ben Loory

Sep 24, 2012

Each month, Gorsky Press will be posting up three new short stories for free download and streaming.

This month:

Sean Carswell reads “Big Books and Little Guitars.” 
Herman Melville, South Seas dirty smoothies, bowling, and ukulele adventures! “There were orgies in that book? Where?”

Antonia Crane reads from her upcoming memoir Spent
“The blonde’s chew marks on my thighs.” At twenty, the protagonist runs away from a hick California town with an orchid breeder who calls her, “Fetching.” Yummy drugs. A republican Dad. And more. (http://www.antoniacrane.com/)

Ben Loory reads “The Man and the Moose” from his book Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day. An unlikely friendship develops. Mistakes are made. Mayhem ensues. A moose… considers skydiving. (http://www.benloory.com/)

If you enjoy those, check out the first round:

Matthew Hart, “Legacy of Brotality” 
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