Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Three: Featuring Patrick O'Neil, Sarah Tomlinson, and Scott O'Connor

Nov 12, 2012

Gorsky Press Story Podcast
Round Three

Want to hear some short stories, told well?
Look no further. The Gorsky Press Story Podcast.

Each month, Gorsky Press will be posting up three new short stories for free download and streaming.

This month:

Patrick O'Neil reads "Something's Wrong"
Ex-road manager for TSOL, Flipper, and Subhumans reads about robbing a corner store and uses a therapist visit as an alibi for dodging the cops. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Patrick-ONeil/237337516342648)

Sarah Tomlinson reads an excerpt from The Year of Mister Nobody
Self-professed “nerd for music trivia,” Sarah reads a piece embodying the spirit of The Rolling Stones going to Marrakesh in 1967, after a drug raid on Keith Richards’s home. Infidelity and the future of the band hang in the balance. Unsavory circumstances abound in this novel-in-progress.

Scott O'Connor reads an excerpt from Untouchable
A trauma site cleanup technician who’s lost his wife and is raising a child by himself, Untouchable is set in Los Angeles in the shadow of Y2K. This is the opening chapter of the novel.

If you enjoy those stories, check out the first two rounds:

Antonia Crane, from her upcoming memoir Spent.

Ben Loory, “The Man and the Moose”

Sean Carswell, “Big Books and Little Guitars.”

Matthew Hart, “Legacy of Brotality”

Jim Ruland, “The Jungle for Real”

Todd Taylor, “We Called It War”

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