Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Six: Featuring Bianca Barragan, Cassie J. Sneider, and Taleen Kalenderian

Mar 26, 2013

Each month, Gorsky Press is posting three new short stories for free download and streaming at http://gorskypress.bandcamp.com/

This month:

Bianca Barragan reads “The Formation of Cataracts in Northeast Los Angeles”, from her zine Trust Me: I Know What I’m Doing: Bargaining & Negotiating. Did you know that peeing your pants need not necessarily be a shameful experience? Trust me: I know what I’m doing.


Cassie J. Sneider reads a section from her graphic novel in progress, Deer Toyota. She learns that nobody wants to tip the waitress at a strip club. Well, except one guy.

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Taleen Kalenderian reads “How to Leave Cities” from DUM DUM Zine Issue No. 1: Cities & States. An emo yet handy guide at leaving your city for something better. 


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