Gorsky Press Story Podcast Round Four: Featuring Amelia Gray, Mike Huguenor, and J. Ryan Stradal

Dec 10, 2012

Each month, Gorsky Press is posting three new short stories for free download and streaming at http://gorskypress.bandcamp.com/

This month:

Amelia Gray reads “On the Illness”
Collection in progress, online at Vice.
A post office employee with a curious compulsion to vomit after every sentence he speaks meets a woman in the post office.
http://www.ameliagray.com/, https://twitter.com/grayamelia

Mike Huguenor reads “Dog Police!” from the first chapter of the unpublished novel, Dog Police!
While drinking uncomfortably with coworkers Robby is hit with the sudden onset of inspiration. But what he is inspired to create is terrible. He knows it. It is Dog Police!.

J. Ryan Stradal reads “The Augustus Mackinnon Story” from Hobart (issue #6), and forthcoming in Outpost 19’s anthology The California Prose Directory.
A recent college graduate with a degree in Poetry takes a job as a furniture mover and finds that his passion bleeds into his occupation.
http://www.jryanstradal.com/, https://twitter.com/jryanstradal

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