GORILLA ANGREB: Beder Tider: 12" EP

Aug 12, 2006

I know I’m repeating a little, but here goes. Imagine that X, instead of playing the punk rock retirement plan via the House of Blues circuit, actually stuck their neck out to write some new songs (what has it been? Twenty years?). Instead of laurels to be rested upon, a Danish punk band, chock full of ex-hardcore players (from Amdi Petersens Armé and No Hope For The Kids), has relit the torch that X now holds above their heads like a soft, low-watt light bulb halo. Gorilla Angreb is using that initial flame—the one set by “We’re Desperate” and “Electrify Me” (The Plugz, who you should really check out if you haven’t already). Instead of lighting votive candles respectfully memorializing the past, Gorilla Angreb has lit a funeral pyre. It’s this crackling, aching, dancing flame in the new century, this kick in the snacks that makes Gorilla Angreb exciting. If you’re a fan of catchy, whip-cracking punk rock, stripped down to dueling male and female voices and hit-hard instruments, this is the way to go. And it’s on my favorite format: wide-grooved 45 rpm 12” EP. Find.

 –todd (Kick’n’Punch)

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