GORIES, THE: Bug House: 7”

What I really like about the now-defunct Gories (Mick Collins is now in The Dirtbombs, Dan is in the Demolition Doll Rods, and Peggy’s in The Darkest Hours) is that they often took their time. They’re minimal, but it’s a buildup, not just a holding pattern. It’s this raw patience and tension that took me quite some time to fully appreciate. If you come across Gories vinyl in the bin, I highly suggest picking it up (this 7” is no exception) and giving it time to seep. Mick Collins and Co. were some of the true banner holders of raw, authentic rock’n’roll during a time (roughly 1989-1994) when techno was supposed to make human-made music more obsolete than the Laser Disc. The A side is one of the first Gories songs ever written.

 –todd (Get Hip)