GORE GORE GIRLS: Strange Girls: CD

Jul 05, 2001

It's a lethargically uneventful, overcast Sunday afternoon, and my throbbing body is sluggishly suffering the stomach-churning consequences of the most hellishly harrowing hangover I do believe I've ever achingly experienced. Ah, but a soul-soothing miraculous cure for such a fuzzy-visioned, mind-spinnin' malady has just rambunctiously reared its pretty lil' head: beer (lots of it!) and the gorgeously rockin' Gore Gore Girls! This ferocious ear-plunderin' trio of cacophonously crazed, slinky-cool kittycats wildly wail with cranked-to-the-max super-distorted garagerock psycho-sizzle mayhem that jubilantly tickles my brew-soaked senses silly! They're the female audial embodiment of the early Kinks, The Sonics, The Stooges, early Pretenders, The Damned (during the "Neat Neat Neat" era), Electric Frankenstein, and even a bit of Dwarves (their "Horror Stories" release); but the Gore Gore Girls are such a divinely enigmatic bundle of aural originality unto themselves that any overly flattering comparisons to the aforementioned inspirationally roarin' rock'n'roll luminaries aren't even necessary! The demonically hedonistic naughty-girl vocals, riproarin' ear-killin' guitar riffs, blister-poppin' blood-pumpin' bass rumblings, and bombastic end-of-the-world drum boomings say it all and then some! Whooooo-doggy, I'm head-over-heels in love with the Gore Gore Girls... I'm foamin'-at-the-mouth and moonstruck... I wanna be their big bad red-hot daddy and their subservient lil' groveling' groupie boy (whichever is most preferred, needed, and deviantly desired!) for the ruinous remainder of my sin-fuelled life! So where should I apply?!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Get Hip Recordings, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317; http://www.gethip.com)