GOONS, THE: Live at the Black Cat: CD

Jul 27, 2009

On the first couple of listens, I wasn't that interested, but something kept me playing it more and more. Sure, there's a big love for Minor Threat, some Negative Approach, and, surprisingly, some early Dicks (mostly in the voice, and not to mention the lead singer looks a hell of a lot like Gary Floyd) but, mostly, what's good about the Goons is they know their limitations, don't try to get too fancy, and end up playing some good straight-ahead, extremely listenable DC-style hardcore with some nice hooks. It doesn't sound like they're playing in a graveyard, hoping for the ghosts of the past to rise up to hootenanny with, but spray painting their own noise on the tombstones. Well weathered, veteran, fun stuff that gets the thumbs up.

 –todd (Squirrel Heart)

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