Nov 02, 2010

Is it possible that I might receive a CD that I am completely unprepared to review? Yes, but those CDs tend to be horrible, so while I might not know much about, say, ‘90s screamo metal, I do know that the entire genre is stupid, if such a genre exists. (My research into this area is both inconclusive and nonexistent). So, what to do with a band like The Goodnight Loving? They live in Milwaukee; I used to live in Milwaukee. I’m within a few degrees of separation from most of these guys, but somehow they just seem beyond me, like they might be the greatest non-punk band in the world, but I’m too stupid to know it. Everyone I know loves them, but some of those people also like the Gin Blossoms. Here’s what I’m able to say: This is a band that takes the time to craft really well thought out, layered, and well produced (in a good sense) country-pop influenced music (think: Wilco), but it’s more complicated than that. There’s a touch of ‘50s rock and roll, early Beatles, and even a nod to some of the more psychedelic songs on the Nuggets anthologies. And they make it seem really easy, like this is the music they were meant to play. Frankly, my usual cereal comparisons seem to have failed me. I’ll just say that if you haven’t checked out this band, you should, regardless of whether your favorite band is the Dopamines or Pavement. I get the feeling that I might eventually decide that this band is amazing.

 –maddy (Dirtnap)