GOOD RIDDANCE: Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit: CD

Sep 21, 2009

Another great release recorded at the Blasting Room by the guys in All. If you enjoyed "Operation Phoenix," you will like this one. The production is dead-on and is a steam roller waiting to flatten you with its sheer power. This is their fifth full length and they seem to keep their momentum moving forward. Musically, they have always stayed within their formula and put out a great combination of good music. With their releases, I usually like the release as a whole instead of liking certain tracks. They play with the tempos from track to track to keep my attention there. As is the case on this release, I like their variety of slow songs with melody and their pumped numbers that I'm starting to hear more and more elements of Black Flag meets Blast. The lyrics are a thinking man's look inside personal demons, pet peeves, and modern day injustices. What more can you ask for? I know when I saw this in my mailbox, I was in for a long term treat. By the way, my wife love these guys and she doesn't listen to that much punk anymore. So there.

 –don (Fat)