GOOD RIDDANCE: Remain in Memory—The Final Show: CD

May 26, 2008

Back in 1995, I was at my local record store digging through the used bin of CDs when I came across a CD by a band I had not heard of. I grabbed it and went to the listening station that the store had. First song was “Flies First Class” and instantly I was pulled in by the mixture of punk rock rage and melodic flair. I was officially a fan. As years went by, I either bought or received for review every release and enjoyed every one of them. The band continued to get better in writing and musicianship. One thing I didn’t do was go see them live more than three times. So, I was a half-assed fan since I didn’t participate and support all the way. As the title of this release states, the band has met their demise and called it a day. Not a sad thing since they left on a good note and not on the downswing. A twelve year history in punk rock is a noble one that many bands can not claim. A good cross-section is covered here with songs from just about every release they put out. I’m truly happy that they included “Credit to his Gender” off the A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion LP. It’s my absolute favorite of the bunch and also brings back Cinder Block from Tilt/Retching Red who originally sang on the song. Now, is there a DVD on the way from this show too? If so, I want one! 

 –don (Fat)