Sep 05, 2006

After their brief hiatus, the band is back to form with the return of Sean Sellers on drums. This is the mid period unit which is my personal favorite and I believe is when they found their identity. They also return to the Blasting Room to record where they get the best sound out of the band. As I grew out of bands from the past, GR are a band I do not tire of. They have enough aggression to have a bite. There is melody that they can be listened to often. They write good songs that are memorable and are easily identifiable as music of their own. On this release, there is a certain comfort level that they didn’t have to sell me on their music. They seem to know their own formula and continue on growing without making drastic changes to their sound. So as I listen for the first time, I feel like the songs are familiar. That familiarity will make me continue to listen to this release. There are a few bands that I continue to buy anything they release. GR is a band I will continue to collect because I am a fan.

 –don (Fat)

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