GOOD RIDDANCE: Bound by the Ties of Blood and Affection: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Consistency is this band’s trait. From heart-pounding hardcore numbers to melodic, pop ballads, GR full lengths are always a good listen for me. They keep the tempos varied and play with conviction. The songcraft has developed stronger from release to release as they continue to be a solid unit over time. Singer, Russ Rankin, puts his beliefs right on the table and is not afraid to put forth his opinion. The production is as tight and powerful as ever with the added benefit of recording once again at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson on the controls. Luke Pabich’s guitars are crunchy and distorted enough to sustain its energy. Chuck Platt’s bass sound is nice and punchy, mixed evenly to add that solid tone. David Wagenschutz’s drumming is more forceful this time around and a new level of confidence seems to be achieved since he has been with the band some time now. Overall, another great release that will probably stay in my CD changer for a long time.

 –don (Fat)