GOOD MEN DIE LIKE DOGS: Postscript: 7”

Nov 02, 2010

This 7” is like intercepting a letter that you weren’t supposed to read. Or maybe a letter the sender secretly did want you to read, as if he entrusted you to deliver it, but curiosity got the better of you before your job was done. You read the letter, becoming more attached to the person who wrote it, and you forget who was originally supposed to receive it. Doesn’t matter. It’s for you now. I’m not sure if they’re the first to do it, but Good Men Die Like Dogs has figured out exactly what a 7” is: A personal note sent to hundreds of strangers. They remind of a grittier Digger, so if you remember who that is, give this a spin.

 –Bryan Static (Tortilla Chip, no address)