GOOD MEN DIE LIKE DOGS: Postscript: 7"

Jan 11, 2011

Good Men Die Like Dogs musically remind me of Bay Area pop punk, specifically, early Green Day. It’s quite good musically but that’s not their strong point; that would be the lyrics. Each song has a feel of nostalgic anti-nostalgia. They look over past glories without wallowing in them (one of my biggest problems with pop punk). Instead, it’s reflective. The point of the songs is about moving forward while referencing the past in order not to forget it. The record, as a whole, sounds like a letter to a friend. This isn’t just me spitting; the lyric sheet is actually laid out like a letter, which suggests that’s the band’s intention. The character in the songs is addressing someone that they have a long history with. He smiles back on the old days as he encourages pushing onward:“Salud/Goodbye/Farewell to the notions these were the best times of our lives/So long/Make haste/Chasing down tomorrow will surely bring the better days.” My problem with the pop punk genre is its smarmy, tattooed, shoe-gazing sentimentality. Good Men turn this regressive trend on its head.

 –Craven (Tortilla Chip,

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