GOOD LUCK: Into Lake Griffy: LP

Sep 23, 2009

Man, I totally hate it when I get a record to review that’s good, but just not my thing. Good Luck’s Into Lake Griffy is an example of that. Well recorded, very crisp, I guess I’d just call it rock (or maybe “alt rock,” if I could avoid getting my ass kicked for doing so), but it’s got a lot of poppiness to it, so maybe it’s more pop. Kind of reminded me of Ted Leo, although that’s not exactly right. I wasn’t super into the male vocals. I preferred the female vocals or when they sang together. Guitar seemed to be very good—some fret board dynamics in there that reminded me of the guitar playing in bands and by people such as Silian Rail, Manacle, Kaki King, etc. —that kind of style (which seems to be really making a comeback lately). Although, granted, I am being quite broad in that description, and I know very little about guitar playing, so please cut me some slack! Thanks. Some of the songs had rousing choruses that lent themselves towards a folky, punk rock sing-a-long. I can see why people would like it—it has fun parts (particularly “Come Home”) and the lyrics read to me pretty optimistic about living, taking chances, friendships, and other relationships. I think they’re a good band, just not for me. Liked the cover, with its pointillism sky, lacey mountains, and water. Really pretty green vinyl.

 –Jennifer Federico (No Idea)