Good Lookin’ Out present nineteen tracks of well played, but formulaic, post-youth crew revival from Poland. The breakdowns and gang vocals are all in the right places, and an emotional honesty pervades, but the album begins to feel bland not even half way through. Blandness aside, whether it is a language barrier (as the vocals are in English) or just typical hardcore vacuity, the lyrics really put this one in its coffin. The lyrics are fucking weak and suffer horribly from vagueness; they’re just ardent declarations without any context, precluding any insight into whether these fellas have their heads about them or if they are just morons with thuggish anger. Also of note, one of the members is holding a lit cigarette on the cover, somewhat reminiscent of Erik Funk on that one Billingsgate 7”, letting the world know that this ain’t a straight edge band, despite all other indications to the contrary.   –Vincent (Pasazer)