Gonerfest 2: Electric Goneroo: DVD and CD

Feb 26, 2007

Nothing will heal the pain of missing this rad event but this helps. A great deal: a CD with a live song from every band that played and a bitchin’ DVD of almost every band that played. Despite being live footage, this is solid quality, both on the CD (I can hear what they’re singing!) and the DVD (I can see everything!). Especially bitchin’ because it’s favorites (Persuaders, Tokyo Electron, Final Solutions) with new kids on the block (Angry Angles, Carbonas, Rat Traps) and a ton of outta-towners that showed up. This is what rock and roll is about: playing on the floor with the crowd. And if there’s a stage then everyone is welcome to jump off it. Overall, this is on the dirt lot, grimy gutter end of rock, but that doesn’t mean girls aren’t allowed to play along. Especially as one wipes off the Reatards’ blood at the end of the show. –Speedway Randy (Goner, goner-records.com)