Goner Fest 4: DVD/CD

Mar 19, 2010

This DVD serves as a vivid snapshot into the 2007 inception of Goner Fest, which is three days of sweaty, rollicking fun in Memphis, Tennessee hosted by garage punk mavens Goner Records. You almost feel transported into the various clubs, record stores, and backyards where the action took place. It really does give you the feel of wandering around Goner Fest and taking in different bands in various venues. I even started to recognize some of the more recurring spectators (like the guy in the Firehouse shirt, for example). Personal highlights include the late Jay Reatard bashing out two songs with snarling vigor, the Boston Chinks, a song culled from an intimate set with Reigning Sound singer Greg Cartwright, and the great Marked Men. There‘s also a CD, which includes different songs from some of the bands than the stuff on the DVD, which is a pretty cool way to hear more material from bands you may not have been familiar with before checking this out. Recommended if you've been bummed out since 2007 that you didn't get to go to Goner Fest that year. This will help ease the pain a little. –Andy Conway (Goner Records, 2152 Young Ave., Memphis, TN 38104, www.goner-records.com)