GOLDEN TRIANGLE: Self-titled: 7”

Oh boy, I am into this record. Yay! Fantastic. The strumming of the guitar—so I’d say it’s not only the way it sounds, but the way it seems to be played—reminded me right away of Thee Oh Sees. The music itself is also pretty garage-y, but I think the reason I’m into it is the weirdness factor, which has a lot to do with the vocals. There seems to be a male and a female singer—the female singer, who I understand used to be in Angry Angles with Jay Reatard, sounds to me like some kind of blonde-haired, all-American, corn-fed sweetheart on a break from the Polyphonic Spree to play some dirty rock’n’roll (although I’d wager the mental image does not very well match the reality). What I think is a male singer—it sounds like one, although I’ve learned there are actually two female singers in the band—didn’t really seem to sing as much as he seemed to mumble around in an escaped mental patient kind of way. I felt there was a very Manson family kind of quality to the songs, albeit a very catchy Manson family. Excellent collage on the cover. Love it.

 –Jennifer Federico (Rob’s House,