GOLDEN: Self-titled: LP

May 18, 2010

I think for some Razorcake readers out there, all I’d have to say is “from Japan” and “colored vinyl” and that’d be enough. But I’ll go crazy and talk a little bit about the music, too. Musically, this combines bits of Meat Puppets twang, Camper Van Beethoven ramshackle, and Butthole Surfers freakouts with lyrics sung in Japanese and (kindly) translated into English on the liner notes. A potpourri of sonic sensations is found on the record, as some nice melodies and creative instrumentation (mandolin, banjo, and accordion are sprinkled throughout) find themselves interspersed between some intense and heavy blasts of fuzzed-out noise. Well worth a listen.

 –Jeff Proctor (Tsurumi)