The Bay Area’s longest-running powerviolence duo Godstomper add another drop to the proverbial bucket of seemingly endless releases that date back to the early ‘90s. Evidently not much has changed with these guys since then. There’s very little transition from the Saturday Morning Powerviolence EP to the Heavy Metal Vomit Party LP to this record. They still sound like a boombox with a cassette of Napalm Death’s Scumthrown into a tumbling laundry dryer. Terlarang from Malaysia’s offerings are more varied in style, alternating between spastic grindcore and straight-forward thrash. ACXDC fans would probably foam at the mouth over Terlarang’s side of the split. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Suburban White Trash / Grind Father / Riotous Outburst / Nuclear Alcoholocaust / Beat The Meat / Dog Down / Active Rebellion / Distrozione / No Bread / Placenta)