GOD GIVEN ASS: “I’m Better than You” b/w “(Don’t Mess With) Heinis Punks”: 7”

About seven-eighths less glammy than one’d expect a band of such nomenclature to be, these Helsinkoids come off as a slightly more punk and less talented version of the Yum Yums, which isn’t a bad place to be, really. They clearly put plenty of time and energy into trying to build the a-side into a legit sock-knocker of a hit single; problem is that the song itself really isn’t exceptional enough to warrant such attention, and i can’t help but wonder if the band had other songs more suited to this position of great prominence. I’m more roused by the simple territorial stompings of the B-side, augmented by traces of some kinda bagpipey-sounding thing, and surely following in the grand and glorious tradition of Finnish punk bands singing half-joking anthems about their local crew established by Kohu-63’s “Harpsala Kids” some thirty years ago. Good B-side, nice try on the A-side, overall results inconclusive. More gruel, sirs! More gruel! BEST SONG: “(Don’t Mess With) Heinis Punks” BEST SONG TITLE: “(Don’t Mess With) Heinis Punks” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Label spells it “Heinis PUNX,” in defiance of conventions established by front and back covers.

 –norb (Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man / No Bullshit)