God, Forgive These Bastards (Stories from the Forgotten Life of Georgia Tech Pit: By Rob Morton, 95 pgs. By Steve Hart

To be honest, stories and legends of people like Frank Turner scare the shit out of me. I’m forty-four years old and finding that I have to start my life all over again. My wife has left me, I’m mired in student loan debt, and I don’t have much of a future ahead. Also, like Frank Turner, I’m a baseball player, and I’ve been homeless for years at a time, from the time I was fifteen years old. I’m scared shitless that I’m going to end up like Frank Turner. Nevertheless, this isn’t about me, this is a collection of stories, told by Frank Turner and retransmitted by the author. The stories are well-told, with bright, colorful language describing things that are dark, scary, sad, and, like the author states, the more unbelievable they are, the more they are grounded in truth. This is a powerful book and I highly recommend it. –Steve Hart (Cantankerous Titles, PO Box 14332, Portland, OR 97293)