Jul 06, 2010

Razorcake has some unwritten codes (there’s no book), things we think are common sense and DIY-moral. One of them is that if we have a hand in releasing a record, we won’t review it in these pages or on our website. It’s like, no shit, we like the band’s music. Why else would we release it? Well, GEG is one of my favorite bands. They happen to live ten blocks away from Razorcake and fit perfectly into our mission of celebrating local DIY without ignoring national and international punk. We’ve had our hand in releasing four of GEG’s previous 7”s. I couldn’t be happier. I just couldn’t comment on the band before this record without feeling slimy. My grandfather was a huge fan of musicals. He was a tough ex-Navy man then a tough ex-bill collector. He loved musicals. Julie Andrews got top billing. So did Pirates of Penzance. GEG embody that sort of tough sweetness of my grandfather. They’re fully aware of the ugliness that resides in the world, but they chose to surround themselves by a ragtag, engaging beauty that comforts them. They do this without being dogmatic; with an undeniable cheer. Think Bananas, Allergic To Bullshit, and in honor of my grandfather, The Sound of Music. No People: From Tokyo, Japan would fit well in San Pedro, California, especially with Underground Railroad To Candyland. Slithery, stealthy DIY pop gems (lots of keyboards) that are handled expertly, in a no-fuss, non-flashy, let’s-party way. Great pairing. Great split.

 –todd (Underground Government, undergroundgovernment.com / Recess Japan, recessjapan.com)